Your Personal, On-Demand, Culturally-Sensitive Nourishment Coach


Portia is an AI-powered personalized nourishment decision-making platform: 

  • Helping  you meet your dietary goals
  • Helping you shop, cook, plate & eat healthier with ease.

Mission Statement

Portia empowers underserved multicultural millennials to easily achieve their personal dietary goals by patiently supporting them to shop, cook, plate and eat healthier without sacrificing flavor or fun. 

Portia inspires health & happiness as an evidence based, personalized solution that operates with confidentiality, sensitivity & the highest integrity.

The Problem

Individuals who enjoy multi-cultural and ethnic foods have been left out of the conversation of the healthy-eating movement.

As a result, this demographic disproportionately continues to struggle with maintaining healthy eating habits and body weight. Portia is for those who enjoy traditional comfort foods, but care about their health as well.

Our Solution

The solution? To deliver a real-time autonomous tele-nourishment guide that helps individuals consume their favorite cuisines without the high-price tag or inconvenience of seeing of a nutritionist or dietitian.

How Portia Works

Portia is your confidential, personal advisor that helps you make smarter eating decisions without sacrificing flavor or fun.

Whether you’re looking for takeout or shopping for ingredients to prepare dinner, Portia provides 24/7 on-the-go nutritional guidance to help you achieve your health and dietary goals.

Portia Features

Prepping & Plating Assistance

Make your favorite foods faster, tastier, healthier and get help with portion

Snack Master

Eating healthier shouldn’t mean starvation. Make healthier choices in the grocery store for more nutritional treats you’re sure to enjoy. Alternatively, have a monthly Portia-Smart™ Snack Box delivered right to your door!

Voice Recommendations

Simply ask Portia what healthy foods of your preference are available in your area for pickup or delivery. Restaurant and menu suggestions? No Sweat!

Remote Nutrition and Health

Remote Nutrition & Health Monitoring for high-risk millennials with pre-existing conditions to help keep you safe with real-time alerts.

How Can Portia Help You?

Access 24/7 personalized nutrition guidance at home and on the go

Easy Prep, Plate and Enjoy – the food you love in healthy ways

Smart Snack- a new kind of snacking you’re sure to enjoy

Try Voice recommendations for the healthiest deals for pickup or delivered right to your door. On the go? Still here for you!

Nutrition & Health monitoring, Real-time alerts for high-risk millennials

What they say?

What our happy customers say about us.

- Moazan A.

A big HUG!!! You guys gave me something to really be passionate about. The machine learning course was powerful and gave me a real sense of how to apply.

- Karla A.

You were amazing in that Rebuild Your Nutrition session yesterday. And that Tropical Tuscan Mediterranean Tuna Salad is still rocking my world! Planning for a second serving this afternoon! Thanks so much!

- Nina Ho.

I have used the Basil Infused Olive Oil & Caribbean Jerk Blend on sweet potatoes and it was divine. My son, husband and brother enjoyed them for breakfast along with waffles and chicken sage sausage.


Give Portia an idea of what cuisines and flavors you prefer to get your own individual Nourishment Plan with healthier options and meal plans.

Portia inspires improved health & happiness as a culturally sensitive, nutrition decision-making platform that makes  it easy for underserved multicultural millennials to eat smarter without sacrificing flavor or fun.

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